For Pac-Man’s 40th birthday, Nvidia uses AI to make new levels

Pac-Man Today turns 40, and although the days of arcade machines that play a quarter in shady bars are long after us, the legendary game still has helped drive the industry. On Friday, Nvidia announced that its researchers have been training an AI to create Pac-Man Game Not available Teach it about the rules of … Read more

Fitbit is studying how to detect coronavirus before symptoms show up—and you can help

Fee 4 and Question 2 has done a lot to keep you healthy, but as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps around the world, Fitbit wants them to do more using the data your device is collecting. Starting this week, users will find new COVID-19 Research in the Fitbit app, which should help Fitbit determine if it … Read more

SD Express will support PCIe 4.0, but don’t hold your breath

The race to become the next high-performance memory card standard in the world reached a peak this week when the SD Association announced it would be adopting PCIe 4.0 for SD Express cards. Yes, you’ve heard right: PCIe 4.0 in a postage-sized memory card, a move that would make SD cards essentially on par with … Read more

Want to listen to Spotify remotely with your friends? There’s an app for that

Spotify officially launched long ago Session Grouping feature on May 11th. With Group Session, friends nearby can take charge of your Spotify music queue. It’s useful for hosting a Spotify party in your backyard, for example, but it won’t let you listen to your friends from a distance. There was no session that got me … Read more

Rachio 3e Smart Sprinkler Controller review: A budget version from the market leader

Want to use smart home technology to automate your watering system but don’t love the price that comes with the top smart sprinkler controller? Take a look at the Rachio 3e, a stripped-down version of the Rachio 3, which only costs $ 150 – $ 80 below the current price of the eight-zone version of … Read more

Crucial P2 NVMe SSD review: Inexpensive, but a slow performer

The Crucial P2 is an inexpensive NVMe SSD that delivers good everyday performance – in other words, it runs the operating system, loads apps, and does small tasks well. Alas, it’s not particularly fast for transferring larger amounts of data, and that’s fine. Regardless, at the time of writing, the P2 is easily one of … Read more

ARM just showed 2021’s smartphone CPUs, led by the powerful Cortex-X1

ARM has announced the next generation of smartphone microprocessors, which are set to deliver up to 20% or better performance of the previous generation. It includes something special: a new Cortex-X1 design, an optimized version designed for “top performance”. In the smartphone industry, ARM designs Cortex CPUs, Mali GPUs, and Ethos machine learning processors, then … Read more

The Full Nerd: AMD’s chief gaming architect talks Ryzen 4000 laptops, SmartShift, and PC innovation

In this special edition of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacosand Adam Patrick Murray is joined by Frank Azor, Chief Architect for Game Solutions at AMD and Co-Founder of Alienware. Azor turns back to talk about “AMD Advantage” in gaming laptops that combine Ryzen CPUs with Radeon GPUs, like The new Dell G5 15 … Read more

Spotify nixes 10,000-item limit for saved music libraries

Spotify is removing a restriction that its most loyal users have bugged for years: a limit of 10,000 items on songs and albums saved in the Spotify music library. The On-Demand Change has garnered more than 12,500 votes on Spotify’s Community Ideas Exchange, according to a post on Spotify Community Blog. Up until the present … Read more

Lorex WiFi Video Doorbell review: Onboard storage is the lone bright spot on this budget-priced front-door guardian

Lorex is a veteran in building security camera systems and is now entering the smart home market, with the 1080p Wi-Fi Doorbell (model number LNWDB1) being the first to reach the market. school. With a selling price of $ 130, the device is clearly aimed at the end budget. It doesn’t have a lot about … Read more